I have Suffered from Depression/Schizophrenia for 25 years.

When I was at my Worst.

I Forgot my Light, Self Kindness and Common Sense.

At Times I Tried to Heal my Wrongs.

This only Led to Finding more and more Wrongs in a Never Ending Cycle of Frustration. We will always Find something Wrong about Something – if we take this Track.

To Heal Effectively – it is Best to Focus on What is Right in Our Life.

Right Thoughts Lead to Right Actions – Right Behaviours – Right Emotions and Right Energy. A Pleasant way to Heal The Disruptions we have Created for Ourselves.

We are our Own Best Healers. The Universe gives us more of what we Focus on.

So become aware of the Wrong Thoughts we have. Heal with Our Right Thoughts and Energies.

Bless every Journey. Learn what makes us Heal.

Love Creates more Love.