Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice

In New Zealand, Restorative Justice is about Rehabilitating Offenders and The Victims, if both Parties Agree.

An Equitable Agreement is Reached before Court.

Both Parties begin The Process of Healing.

Where The Offender;

  • Takes Responsibility for their Actions.
  • Apologises to The Victim.
  • Decides How to Right the Harm they have Caused.
  • Finds ways to Prevent Re-Offending.

In Holland, Rehabilitation is taken Further.

During The Appropriate Sentence, Offenders are given tools like;

  • A phone call to Family every evening.
  • Access to Education.
  • Counselling
  • Wellness Rehabilitation
  • Mentors to help re-integrate into The Community.

Holland’s Rehabilitation Practises are so Successful, that they have Closed 23 Prisons in The last 5 Years, because re-offending rates have been reduced by as much as 70%.

Some of The Closed Prisons have been turned into Student Centres, Social Housing and Refugee Centers. Hopefully this is going to be replicated Globally. For safer and kinder Communities.

Rique Wolf