Mental Disruptions

Mental Disruptions

I have Experienced Bouts of Mental Disruptions for 24 Years.


One of my Habits, is to Focus ON and Enlarge Distressing Thoughts.

Which Leads to Creating Negative after Negative.

AND the Energy in my Body and Head has Remained Uncomfortably Stuck for Decades.


Thru Meditation, Breathing, Self Forgiveness, Body Awareness and Visualization.

I have Recently Developed a Method that Focuses on Positive Energetic Visualization and Silence.


A New World of Appreciation is Opening to Me.

I am Now Approaching – what was Once a Never Ending Internal Battle – with a Ready Willingness.

Learning to Heal Past Mistakes.

Here’s to Making Glorious New Mistakes.

Blessing the Journeys Travelled.

Peace and Light.