is Midnight 12pm OR 12am?

is Midnight 12pm OR 12am?

The Question surrounding The Midnight Conundrum?

The Confusion Began when The 24hr Clock was Accepted by Mainstream.

The 12hr Clock was Mainly used till he 1970’s by The General Populace.


As a Kid, I remember that 12pm was Midnight !!!


It Really Confused Me when I Started hearing that Midnight was 12am ???


SO, The Difference is:

The 12hr – AM/PM Clock – Finishes on 12

The 24hr Clock – Starts on 00:00


Mathematically it makes Sense.

00:01am to 12am Lunch.


00:01 pm to 12pm MidNight.


12am midnight to 11:59am


12pm lunch to 11:59pm

As this Does NOT Make Sense Mathematically.

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12pm or 12am

Thus …..

Imposing The 00:00am 24 hr Clock.

To The 12hr AM/PM Clock is The Mistake.

AND In Conclusion, Midnight is 12pm.