Day 13 of Fast

Day 13 of Fast

Day 13 and I have Already Lost 10kgs.

That is Very Encouraging.

I Could Possibly Lose 1 kg a Day?

Who Knows – will Keep U informed.

Some inSights:

  • My Brain Tells Me I’m Hungry – it’s a Lie !!!
  • Adding Healthy Options to My Water Addresses my Vitamins and Minerals intake.
  • I Dont Feel like I have Lost Weight – The Scales and Friends Say Otherwise.
  • I Still have 45kgs to Lose – I can DO IT
  • I’m NOT Starving.
  • I have Plenty of Energy
  • My Mind is Sharper
  • My Spiritual Alignment is Progressing Exceptionally
  • I Love Support from Friends and Well Wishers
  • Too Much Advice is Frustrating
  • For Those who are Freaked – its OK – I am GREAT

Thanx infinite Blessingz <3